August 10

Fitness Myths


1. Fitness Myth: You need to make HUGE changes

For most people making huge changes can be too much to handle and for the most part off-putting. To keep motivated and to see the best improvements over time, make small changes on a frequent basis.

Small changes can be as miniscule as adding/ subtracting 50 calories from your diet, it may not seem like a great deal right now but over a long period of time it is a big difference.

2. Fitness Myth: Doing cardio will make you lose all your muscle

A fair deal of lifters who use weights day in and day out will avoid cardio. One reason being they don’t want to lose muscle. Cardio can make you lose muscle mass if a correct diet isn’t implemented. If you’re having a sufficient amount of macro-nutrients your body will repair the fibres and gain the benefits of the cardio exercise you have done.

3. Fitness Myth: No pain, no gain

You may notice the day after a workout your muscles are sore, this is called DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness). It is your body recovering from the fibres being torn apart and using all the macro-nutrients they can find. While this is a good sign you have worked your body, it is important that a correct diet is In place to make sure your muscles recover properly.

If the day after you don’t feel sore its not a bad sign. It can mean the body has recovered properly since your workout.

4. Fitness Myth: Losing weight, getting in shape and looking good is all about exercise

A healthy balanced diet cannot be more important to get into shape. 100% of your effort should be broken down into 70% diet and 30% training. While doing a great workout for an hour is important, the diet based around your day plays a massive part in your progress.

Written by Stuart Farquhar


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