Small Group Personal Training

Wanting to feel healthier and fitter but unsure of how you can fit a new fitness regime into your busy lifestyle?

Or feel lost when it comes to fitness and you need motivation and guidance?

Then our Small Group Training sessions are for you.

You'll feel younger, more energetic with a new found level of fitness and eliminate aches and pains.

How our Small Group Personal Training sessions work:

To ensure you feel your fittest we create personalised, fun and effective training sessions that will leave you feel energised.

Unlike other gyms that just leave you alone to 'get on with it', we'll guide you through each workout so you get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Our whole business exists because of the results we get for our clients, with the high level of support we provide in part of that. Plus with unique on-going health and fitness tracking you'll be able to see the progress you're making every step of the way.

Benefits of Small Group Personal Training

  • Support & Advice
  • Adherence & Accountability
  • Friendly Competition
  • Personal Attention
  • Motivation
  • Flexability

Our Client's Stories


We would like to introduce you to Jean.

Jean had a stroke 2.5 years ago causing very limited movement down her left side.

After starting her Group PT sessions 8 weeks ago Jean has massively improved her mobility, strength & fitness completing not just the full 45 minute workout, but also additional exercise on either the rowing machine or bike.

Results Gym is Jean’s happy place. A place Jean can achieve her goals whilst having fun with both the instructors & other members.


Years ago I really enjoyed going to the gym, but since my Breast Cancer diagnosis almost 10 years ago, I have been cautious about going back to the gym. Anyone who has either had Breast Cancer, or knows someone who has, will probably understand that alongside that diagnosis you also gain an 'at risk' arm, which can cause chronic issues. So with some hesitation, I applied and went along.

A month and 8 Group Personal Training sessions later, I have had my reassessment. I am thrilled to shout from the roof tops that I have SMASHED some of the goals. My 2 major concerns had been doing press-ups and the 'dreaded' plank. Both involve use of your arms, especially the press-ups.

Now, I accept that I am only doing knee press-ups at the moment, but I have gone from only managing 6, to smashing 30 in 60 seconds. What was even better, is that the 6 killed me before the 60 seconds were up, but I was still going with the 30. BUT, the absolute best result for me was the Plank.

The initial goal was to manage a Plank for 60 seconds, which I managed. Today it was a question of how long could I hold the Plank for. Now, I am a little disappointed by the result because I had not set my arms in quite the right place and it was my left arm that made me stop after......................3 minutes 18 seconds.

For each measure I had improved, all in just a month, with no other exercise in between. So, if you have put off exercise because of a health issue, age, etc think again. My Personal Trainer understood my personal health issues (and the others in the group) and adjusted all the exercises to suit the individual. Being in a small group meant that we supported each other. I really can't recommend this enough.

In case you hadn't realised, I am feeling on top of the world and am ready to take on anything!

Our PERSONAL Trainers



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 'In just 4 weeks I made massive improvements.

I was totally new to the gym scene but was made to feel very welcome and relaxed from the start. My goal was to improve my arm/shoulder and upper body strength following fractures and rotator cuff injury. I had no idea what to expect but thanks to the very professional, tailored programme. I was given, in just 4 weeks I made massive improvements.


 'I am feeling better in myself and more motivated to improve my fitness.' 

I have been doing the group P/T sessions for the last month and really enjoying them. I am feeling better in myself and more motivated to improve my fitness. The trainers are encouraging and clearly think about each session beforehand. Thank you very much.


 'I thoroughly recommend Results Health Club.' 

I have enjoyed my 4 week introduction course for over 50's, the tuition has been great & each person is coached according to their own needs & ability. I have improved my fitness & I have signed up for another 3 months with a personal fitness trainer & I am sure that my general health will continue to improve. I thoroughly recommend Results Health Club.


 'Well done, Results Gym Abingdon.' 

I knew I needed help to get my mojo and my fitness going after gaining weight over lockdown and struggling mentally. Over 4 weeks, I had 2 PT sessions per week with Lucy, who encouraged and pushed me. I lost 9llbs, reduced my fat % by 6% and improved in strength and fitness. Lucy and colleagues are supportive and I never felt self conscious to be in the gym. I've signed up for a further 12 weeks because I can see the results and yes, I'm actually enjoying the gym, for the first time ever. Well done, Results Gym Abingdon.

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