Continuous 1-1 Support & Personalised Fitness Plans

  • Walked into a gym not knowing what you're doing?
  • Felt awkward and left embarrassed?    
  • It's a common problem and you're not alone.

Here at Results, we understand how intimidating it may feel when you begin your fitness journey, but how do we ensure this time will be different?

What you get when you join Results


A Warm Welcome & Sit Down Chat

To find out more about YOU! Your story is important to us and we use this to make your experience at Results as personal as possible.


2 FREE 1-1 Getting Started Sessions:

Session 1) Fitness Testing: Led by one of our qualified Personal Trainers, this session includes a body analysis and gentle cardiovascular fitness and whole-body strength tests. This highlights your strengths and weaknesses in order to set goals and monitor improvement.

Session 2) Personalised Programme Design: We will create a detailed exercise programme to support YOU & YOUR goals. One our friendly Personal Trainers will then run through the programme with you on a 1-1 basis. 


On-Going Progress Reviews

We offer on-going progress reviews to help keep YOU on track, which include regular weigh-ins, re-tests and programme development!


Here at Results we have a variety of qualified staff each with their own story. Both male & female, different ages, experiences & goals; each with their own speciality & passion.

We have all started from scratch & fully understand what it's like. Unlike other gyms we dont just 'leave you to it'. We are here to support YOU every step of the way.

Our team stories

 Susie’s Story

I started gaining weight at the age of 16 which I struggled to keep off due to an undiagnosed ongoing medical condition and unhealthy lifestyle. After working on getting my medical condition under control and focussing on my exercise/diet I gradually lost the weight in a healthy and sustainable way and finally feel right in my own body. Read More...

I can empathise with not feeling happy with your body shape and I want to help you get to your best self and feel confident in the skin you're in. I'm here to assist you on your fitness journey, with personalised programmes, dietary guidance and consistant support.

Happy and healthy is our joint goal, we're in this together!

 Lucy’s Story

With a background in Athletics I previously struggled to add weight and was not happy with my physique. Starting from scratch moving from the track to the gym I aspired to build muscle and add shape which for me proved very difficult. I never thought I would be where I am now looking to compete on stage in bodybuilding. Read More...

I can relate to the challenges around sustaining consistent motivation and discpline when it comes to fitness goals. It's easy for life to get in the way. However this is where my experience comes in, I will provide you with a structured and practical training plan. Alongside advising on the correct nutrional plan to accompany your training and will actively support you in building self-confidence.

With your commitment and my professional guidance, you will get to where you want to be.

 Stuart’s Story

As a teenager I struggled with my mental health and needed to find a healthy outlet to manage stress. I was at risk of going down the wrong path in life but starting the gym changed my outlook. Read More...

The gym gave me a new routine and a positive and productive focus. I can understand how easy it is to fall into a dark place, but through my experience I can guide & support you through your fitness journey.

By implementing a healthy training structure, we can work together to turn negative thoughts into positives and get you to where you want to be.

you will succeed, here’s why

  • Ongoing 1 to 1 support Network 
  • Tailored personal programme
  • Breaking down your goals into achievable smaller goals
  • Realistic and sustainable approach

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'Losing 39lbs in total whilst still enjoying weekend treats’

“I joined Results in August 2018 with a friend as the location was great for both of us. I started with a class only membership to commit myself to daily exercise and losing weight through spin and pump classes. I reached my target weight with a balanced lifestyle, exercise, and calorie deficit. Losing 39lbs in total whilst still enjoying weekend treats, holidays and Christmas.

Since reaching my target I now consistently weight train in the main gym 4-5 times per week to maintain weight and build strength/muscle.

Results is relaxed, sociable, and I have gained many friends at the gym who love lifting weights and drinking cocktails as much as me.”